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Lower Your Financial Handicap: Advice from the Financial Caddie

by Guerdon T. Ely


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Golf is such a difficult game that mediocrity is the norm. Investing is even harder. At least in golf you can see the hazards and you have control over the outcome. Investing isn’t so easy. The hazards are more opaque and the variables less controllable. Knowing what to do is difficult.

In Lower Your Financial Handicap: Advice from the Financial Caddie, investment advisor -- Guerdon Ely, MBA, CFP™, AIFA™, ChFC™ -- explains what can be done. However, it is how he explains it that makes his book different and worth reading. While good investing should be boring, good investment education shouldn’t be. Guerdon uses entertaining and self-deprecating stories from his golfing experiences as a caddie on the PGA Senior Tour, as a spotter for the TV networks, and as a golf nut to illustrate financial principles. His great story telling and whimsical wit actually turn a dry subject into a fun experience. 

By the end of the book you will know what successful investors do. But more importantly, you will understand that successful investors, like successful golfers, know how to remain relaxed while at the same time being intensely focused. As the financial caddie, Guerdon’s advice can help you Lower Your Financial Handicap.

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