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The Power of YES: How Network Marketing Creates Dream Lives

by Stacey Hall


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Can network marketing really help you create a dream life?
We’ve collected dozens of insightful first-hand stories of sales, satisfaction, and success that answers that question.
And the answer is a resounding… YES!
These authors have opened their hearts to share their past real-life struggles in a very authentic way. They tell the stories of how the network marketing industry is making it possible for them to achieve their long-held goals.
• Gaining much needed career/life balance
• More time to prioritize their personal and family needs
• Working with inspiring people who want to achieve the same goals
• Earning an income while making a positive difference in the lives of others
• Finding a powerful way to live life on their own terms
Experts agree that the future of the network marketing industry is a bright and promising one. Almost every country welcomes the network marketing business model which offers great possibilities in the coming years. The Authors in The Power of Yes book believe that the potential for a fun and balanced lifestyle as a network marketer is unlimited! As you read this book, we think you will come to agree with them!

Our YES Authors
Amelia Johnson
Barbara Levitt
Carla Archer
Charlice Arnold
Darlene Williams
Deb Willder
Dena Soliman
Elaine Payne
Elisa Mardegan
Erin Capezzera
Francine Mondi
Gail Woolsey
Geli Heimann
Graham and Nikki Cheetham
Greg Knapp
Ibiyeye Tolulope Kawthar
Jan Horne
Jennifer Hill
Jerry McLennan
Joe Pizzimenti
Johanne Pelletier
Joni Goodmann
Karry Franks
Katherine Guttierrez
Kim Ward
Koriani Baptist
Laura Ribbins
Len Mooney
Liz Burhans
Lynne-Anne Gallaway
Margaret Susan Patterson
Martha Brown
Monica Wanner
Monika Greczek
Patricia Daigle
Rachel Rideout
Rebekah Cole
Shirleen Sando
Sigrid McNab
Sonya Janisse
Stephanie Oden
Teresa Shelby Fink
Terry Allen
Tina Guimar
Tonia Smith
Tony Schmaltz
Tracey Cook
Xenia Wignan

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