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Dirt Grenades and Other Explosive Parenting Moments

by Kent Kraning


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Dirt Grenades is not a comprehensive book on parenting. Nor is it a theoretical study of the psychology of child-rearing. It is merely an honest look at what has made a positive difference over several generations. It’s a series of stories and events that made an impact. Things that, in the moment, may not have seemed like much, but over time, left an enormous imprint. It’s a book with some very practical ideas that range from being prepared for medical emergencies to “rite-of- passage” elements that you could implement today that may change the course of your children’s lives forever. It’s not a foolproof methodology; there is no such thing. It’s one family’s hope that through the lens of their lives, you can get a glimpse of what might work for you in yours. Your story matters, and it will leave an imprint on those who follow.
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