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Root Cause

by Christie Brooks MS, RD


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If you are stuck with dead-end answers, so tired that your tired is tired, or you want to get off the medications and find whole-body healing, then you have picked up the right book.


With over two decades as a registered dietitian, then emerging into Functional Medicine after finally getting health answers in her own healing journey, Christie puts her knowledge and personal experience at your fingertips.


When she stepped into the arena vocally about her Adrenal Dysfunction, soon others started saying, "Me too!" She provides practical insight on the ways in which the mind, body, spirit all affect each other-and offers some simple ways she helps her clients achieve "whole-body" healing, from not only Adrenal Dysfunction, but also other chronic issues such as:

·      Thyroid Imbalances

·      Sex Hormone Imbalances

·      Gut Issues

·      Neurotransmitter Disturbances

·      Nervous System Issues

·      Weight Loss

·      Inflammation

·      Diabetes

·      Heart Disease  


For many of these "downstream" symptoms or diagnoses, she looks to the "upstream" reasons, or root causes, as to why the issue made it downstream. By addressing those underlying upstream root causes, her easy approaches to lifestyle changes can help you start your own healing journey.

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