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Who Put The Kids in Charge?: A Fresh Approach to Raising Great Kids

by Sharon Cullington


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"Who Put The Kids in Charge?: A Fresh Approach to Raising Great Kids" is written by Sharon Cullington who is a popular and dedicated parenting coach. Also a successful single mum, Sharon shares all the battle tested strategies she used in raising her own children and teaches all the families she coaches.

With over 30 years experience in raising great kids Sharon believes that she has seen it all. From years of tweaking and modifying she has developed the perfect formula that helps every family to bond in a respectful and loving way.

Sharon is known as the Parenting Alchemist because of the consistently positive results her clients achieve when they apply her transformational framework that has never failed to improve the lives and futures of the families who bring her onboard.


This book covers everything from how to set boundaries and maintain discipline, while keeping lines of communication open so that connection is never broken. Sharon provides simple strategies like having weekly family meetings and delegating tasks using the powerful communication skills that encourage children to want to listen and engage.

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