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Heroes in Our Midst: Inspirational Stories From Single Moms

by Ralph Ujano Jr


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Helping Hands for Single Moms Dallas is ending generational poverty by assisting single mom families while the mother attains a college education, financial independence, and a positive family legacy.

Heroes in our Midst chronicles the lives of eight single moms who rose above their adversities to carve out better lives for themselves and their families. Each real-life story weaves together the challenges, the setbacks, and the limitations these women faced with the inner strength, determination and fortitude that propelled them beyond their circumstances to succeed. In each case, the Helping Hands for Single Moms scholarship program played a supportive role as these moms went to great lengths to achieve their academic goals.

Every mom in this book thought at one time that she was no one special, just another of society’s single moms. Learn from and be encouraged by the power fierce love has to change a mom’s life for the sake of her children.
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