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The Secure Solution: Creating a High-Quality Retirement in a Low-Interest-Rate World

by Telton W Hall


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What will an extended low-interest-rate environment mean for you and your financial goals?

Interest rates are in the gutter, and that is where they are going to stay. Federal Reserve policies combined with an exponential tolerance for U.S. Government debt have mashed interest rates to the floor. With the weight of $27 trillion-plus in debt sitting on top of them, interest rates are not likely going anywhere soon.

While this reality could make your financial planning goals much more difficult to achieve, this book will help you plan for:

  • Retirement income for a long-life
  • Combating higher inflation and low C.D. rates
  • Choosing the right products to accomplish your goals
  • A successful secure retirement

Telton W Hall, CFP® blends his high level of retirement planning expertise, his down-to-earth teaching style, and the experience of thousands of real-life, real-people retirement planning situations to provide The Secure Solution: Creating a High-Quality Retirement in a Low-Interest-Rate World. Packed with digestible and implementable education on the “rates,” the indices, the products, and the strategies that will be key drivers of your retirement plan, this book will prepare you to achieve success in the economy of today and in the decades to come!

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