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Selling Through the Screen: Mastering the Art of Connecting, Communicating and Closing the Sale Virtually

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The world has evolved. For some, this is exciting and welcomed. For others, it can be
concerning and overwhelming. For all who want to survive, it’s necessary.
While implementing new processes and systems, as a business owner, your focus
must be on how to bring in more business and get clients to an easy, “yes” to your
No matter the industry, virtual appointments are a necessity. However, to be successful,
you have to think beyond simply turning on a conference call and educate yourself
on the latest and most effective processes to close sales virtually.
Understanding the importance of reading and communicating body language
cues through the screen, knowing what to say and how to say it and how to create
an exceptional client experience, before they get to your office is a skill that no one
is training your team, yet is essential to winning the game of business.
Inside the pages of this book, you and your team will master the tools necessary
to connect, communicate, and close so that you can win in the game of business.

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