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The Healing Burnout Guide: A Collection of Daily Perspectives, Reflection & Artistry

by Richard C. Scepura


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As a nurse leader, I have witnessed many employees suffering from the effects of burnout. The benefits of performing self-reflection on the variety of topics included will help expand your emotional quotient (EQ). The global Covid pandemic has aggravated the situation bringing with it uncharted, unfamiliar waters to navigate. This is a color edition journal book ( Beginner ) that accompanies the eBook and is the first of a four-part series designed to bring you daily perspectives, reflection & artistry for self-care and personal development . We have created this series by "season" with the intention that you can begin your healing burnout journey today or any day of the year! Accompanying this eBook collection of daily perspectives, reflection & artistry is our companion journal books in your choice of color or black and white printing. Additionally, we offer a spiral-bound workbook, hardcover, softcover, and hybrid version. Choose what suits your needs. As you pick up this insightful book, we hope you will slowly meander through it, explore, and absorb fresh perspectives, respond to self-reflection questioning, and become inspired by beautiful artistry. Give yourself time to journal daily . Just one day at a time, don't work ahead. Do not wait! I promise the benefits of this book series will help you stave off or recover from burnout. As you progress in the series, you will learn to set limits, explore career transitioning, and improve your self-care strategies.
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