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This Is Your Captain Speaking: What You Should Know About Your Pilot’s Mental Health

by Reyné O’Shaughnessy


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IS YOUR PILOT MAINTAINING MENTAL ALTITUDE? The pilot of your airliner is perfectly trained, undergoes recurrent training twice or more every year, and works in a world-wide regulated industry with an admirable safety record. But is your pilot struggling with their mental health? Might there be some chronic stress, anxiety, relationship issues, insomnia, alcohol use and abuse, depression, or suicidal thoughts? In This Is Your Captain Speaking , aviation strategist and wellbeing expert Captain Reyné O’Shaughnessy examines mental health in aviation, including: The negative stigma surrounding pilots who seek treatment Pilot psychological health screening methods The impact of pilot wellbeing on aviation and public safety Policies or programs that protect airline professionals’ mental health Let's make sure your pilot is cleared for takeoff before your next flight!
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