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Demystifying Loss: A Life Changing Philosophy: Loving Life After Any Kind of Loss

by Karen Chaston,Karen Pearce


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Have you noticed that most of us have no idea how to cope with loss? Nothing prepares us for the overwhelming abundance of emotions that can have us on our knees, all alone, suffering in silence. Wondering "how can we get up from here?" With over 40 plus loss events that can affect our lives, it’s quite surprising that there wasn’t a class. Though now it does not have to be this way. Demystifying Loss is a detailed guide that addresses the current lack of Loss Intelligence. This self-help healing book assists you to deep dive into many of the different types of loss events. Be it, a Loss of a loved one, divorce, job loss, health, wealth, your pets. Or any of the losses that came to the forefront during the recent pandemic ~ loss of freedom, choice, identity, change in work conditions, recreational and social activities, all of which can have a massive impact on our health, quality of life and relationships. Karen loves to say, “It’s time to get comfortable with the uncomfortable” and by the end of this book, you will know exactly how to do that. You are holding the guide to a loving 5-Step process that will assist you to move beyond all your past loss events and then create your better everyday life. Demystifying Loss will be your reference guide into the future, as this process ensures that no matter what loss event comes to visit, their stay will be shortened and you will very quickly move forward into Love, Joy, Happiness and Fulfillment.
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