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Dear Me, I Love You: Healing Trauma and Finding Self-Love

by Kanchan Singh


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“An Eat, Pray, Love , but one where instead of traveling the world, you travel deep within.” Even after starting a successful company at 24, expanding from Washington DC to LA, and securing extensive national media coverage, Kanchan still suffered from self-destructive behavior, depression, and anxiety. Kanchan Singh, Founder and CEO of Crumbs and Whiskers, was doing great. But Kanchan was hanging by a thread. Deeply unhappy, insecure and afraid, Kanchan began a journey of self-work to heal from the traumas she had buried deep within her in the process of becoming a successful entrepreneur. At the advice of her mentor, she began therapy to uncover wounds from her childhood (an absent and abusive father, an emotionally abusive mother, sexual assault, bullying, and immigrating to the US.) From doing arduous work and self-discovery, Kanchan arrived at self-love and healing. Dear Me, I Love You is the story of that healing. Through poetry, prose, and conversations with her therapist, Dear Me, I Love You explores the feelings and realizations Kanchan had in therapy. The book creates a map and guide for what it takes a successful young woman to confront what she thought made her weak to come out from the shadows of her past. The book inspires others to feel their pain and heal from it, to overcome their limiting beliefs and conditionings, and become who they really are. Let Kanchan take you on her self-healing journey and explore with her what it takes to finally say to yourself Dear Me, I Love You.
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