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Redefining Your Life D.I.E.T.: Transform How You Look, Feel, and Perform

by Sheila Robinson


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As CEO of Diversity Woman Media, Sheila Robinson, Ed.D., was a successful entrepreneur and leader. While she knew she was overweight, Sheila considered herself otherwise healthy—until a cardiologist told her that continuing to carry her excess weight could shorten her life. Sheila began educating herself about nutrition and other health factors. This caused her to redefine her understanding of health in ways that have transformed the way she looks, feels, and performs in her career. Sheila lost 30 pounds and experienced such a substantial increase in energy, feelings of wellbeing, and productivity, that she immediately wanted to share what she was learning with other women. A Doctor of Education, Sheila doesn’t set out to dispense medical or nutritional advice. Her goal is to tell her story and encourage others to explore their own perspectives and practices surrounding health. Combing her story with research and interviews with experts, Sheila has created a life-affirming guide to redefining D.I.E.T. in transformational ways
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