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The 401(k) Survival Guide: How to Successfully Navigate the Slippery Slope of Retirement Planning

by Michael Budnick


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In 2014, the author, Michael Budnick, watched a short video by Tony Robbins walking the streets of New York city asking dozens of people questions about their retirement. He asked questions like: “ What is a 401(k)? What are the fees you are paying on your 401(k)? Do you have a mutual fund or a 401(k)? What is a fiduciary?” Tony discovered that most people didn't know the answers to these questions and also that 67% of Americans think they pay no fees. The average is 3.12%. Every 1% you overpay is a decade’s worth of income. The result of this interview opened the author's eyes to how much people need education when it comes to their 401(k) because knowledge is the core responsibility involved in achieving your goals and dreams for your retirement. This book is written for both executives overseeing and/or managing their company’s plans and also for employees who participate in your company’s plan. Here is some of what you will learn in the 401(k) Survival Guide: Michael Budnick is the principal and independent fiduciary advisor of Budnick Wealth Management . For over 25 years, Michael has specialized in investing and retirement planning. His objective is to assist his clients in defining how they want to spend their retirement, and then helping them to achieve those goals by developing a retirement strategy that is unique to them. Pretty much everything about Michael can be summed up in one word: HELP . Michael helps people to find ways to have happier lives both now and in the future.
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