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Scattered Pink: A Diary of a Woman in Recovery

by Honesty Liller


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During my active addiction, I thought I was going to die and I accepted that. It sounds morbid, but it was where I was in life. I was in love with heroin and the dysfunctional relationship I had with it. Being present in my everyday life was very difficult. Using drugs for the first time at the age of 12, I was just trying to fit in and have fun. Then there was heroin. The crimes I would commit and the hurt I would cause the people I loved never crossed my mind in pursuit of that drug. It didn't matter. I was in love the first time it was in my body. But when I finally stayed in recovery, magic truly happened. The path and journey of my life were changed completely. I am a woman in long-term recovery from drug addiction. What that means for me is that I have been drug and alcohol-free since May 27, 2007. Learning about my soul and truly who I am has been difficult, scary, beautiful, and amazing. Being able to wake up every day and walk in my purpose is priceless. I want the same for you.
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