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Wheels of Injustice: Saving My Child from the Child Savers

by Susan Louise Gabriel


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—Second Edition —
Six weeks into a blissful honeymoon, life turns into a nightmare when Susan’s 9-year-old daughter is taken away and her husband is falsely accused of child sexual abuse.

Dragged under the churning wheels of the child protection system, Susan is given a choice: cooperate in prosecuting her innocent husband or lose her daughter. When the couple doesn’t give in to pressure, Susan loses custody of her daughter, and her husband is charged with a felony that carries a 16-year prison sentence.

No one wants to hear the facts.
No one wants to know the truth.

It’s the 1980s—a decade of unfounded abuse accusations, hysterical claims of orgies at daycare centers, families controlled by courts, and a child protection system that has become the very thing it was created to eradicate.

Wheels of Injustice is a curtains-pulled-back true account of the out-of-control child protection system of the 1980s and the victims who risked everything to expose its egregiously unjust acts and reform it.

The book is a tribute to God's faithfulness and a message of hope to others who have struggled to overcome adversity, fight injustice, or turn an upended life the right way around again.

“We are not to simply bandage the wounds of victims beneath the wheels of injustice, we are to drive a spoke into the wheel itself.” ― Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Praise for Wheels of Injustice
"The author was acutely aware of her spiritual journey throughout the ordeal. She includes summaries, prayers, and even poems to highlight her emotional turmoil in a real, honest way. I really appreciated the “where are they now” epilogue at the end so as a reader you know how it ended for all involved. THAT is the best proof of all there is calm after every storm!"