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I Can Be Bought: A Guide to Crushing the Franchise Game!

by Manny Soto


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Manny Soto's latest book, "I Can Be Bought," will advance you to the next level. If you are ready, Manny will inspire you and build your confidence to take your money and leadership to the next level. As a leader who speaks to other leaders, he has carefully documented lessons learned from years of experience to share with others. You will discover how to obtain the financial stability you desire by applying the principles taught in this book. Within this book are tried-and-true strategies that you can execute into action right now to set yourself up for guaranteed success. This book is for anyone: With the knowledge and experiences Manny has gained throughout the years, he is here today with I Can Be Bought in order to assist, motivate, educate and equip you for a more significant financial future. Manuel "Manny" Soto Manny, known as "The Financial Architect" has been in the financial industry for nearly 2 decades. He is the owner and CEO of the TFA Insurance Advisors, which is headquartered in Chino Hills, CA. Manny went from being a TOP producing agent to a broker/owner at a young age. By following his mantra, "Change what you're doing to change what you're getting," Manny has accumulated close to 2000 personal clients and has trained thousands of insurance agents, registered representatives, and investment advisors.
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