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Microdosing Guide and Journal : A Complete Step-By-Step Microdose Guide to Safely Source, Track & Customize Your Medicinal Mushroom Journey

by Jaden Rae


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This revolutionary tutorial-workbook combination holds a wealth of amazing features. Throughout the guide chapters, you’ll learn the benefits of microdosing (and the science behind their ability to beat depression and anxiety), where to source your medicine, how to create your own protocol, as well as microdosing testimonials from others in the community. The journal provides an innovative way to track your dosage, experiences, emotions, daily activities, and your personal growth over time.


  • Microdosing Journey Roadmap
  • Intention Setting + Vision Boarding
  • Daily Check-In Journal
  • Dosage Tracking Pages
  • Space for Integration, Insights, and Creativity
  • Interviews with Microdosing Community