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November to Now

by Deidre Mirand


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Have you ever gotten on a ride, only to realize you want off, but it is too late? You spend the first moments building up the courage, preparing only to fall.  What if I told you that those first few moments were really preparing you to not only manage the fall, but to soar instead? There are far too many times in our lives that are much like this ride. We have to get on it and not just enjoy it, but learn how to keep flying.

This book covers the journey of my ride. You will hear the story of what happened when I finally hit rock bottom and how I came out on top! I hope to encourage all readers to keep riding until you soar.

In November to Now, you will read about...

Healing from past trauma, Not just surviving but overcoming cancer, managing relationships, finding your peace, facing fears, putting faith first and walking with purpose.

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