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Think Healthy, Be Healthy: Simple Strategies to Gain Confidence Through Fitness, Nutrition, and a Well-Balanced Lifestyle

by Beth Linder-Moss


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How to Unleash the Best Version of Yourself - Even If "Healthy" Feels Unrealistic Right Now

"What is even more noticeable than the physical changes are the internal changes: the confidence and the positivity."

"She makes you want to be accountable to yourself, your training, and your nutrition. She always knows how to be encouraging without being intimidating, and all while helping you to achieve your goals (and then set new ones)."

"She has taken a girl who never exercised and showed her how to have fun while exercising. I have become a different person because of her."

If you don't know how to make healthy choices - or you don't know the difference between healthy and unhealthy ones (there's a TON of conflicting information out there!) ...

Then this book is for you.

Think Healthy, Be Healthy is a quick and easy read, full of proven methods to help you get out of bed with energy, smile at your reflection, and feel confident all day.

Even if you can't seem to find any time in your busy day to make positive changes, this book will help you find unique strategies to maximize your time. It includes:

● Fast and easy recipes from the author's kitchen to keep your energy up, including healthy alternatives to swap out for unhealthy ones.

● Positive and affirming quotes to boost your mood.

● Fun ways to fire up your life until you're positively glowing.

You'll find yourself referencing it often because it's not only filled with valuable tips but it's also written with love.

With Beth Linder-Moss, there's no judgment. She treats you like a friend, encourages you to start where you are, and gently shows you how to get to where you want to be. When you apply her methods, you'll find yourself ...

● Facing your fears and going after your dreams

● Feeling good about your physique

● Stepping out of your comfort zone

● Making healthy choices to live a healthy life

● Challenging yourself every day in new and different ways

● Never giving up on yourself

● Smiling with confidence

● Thinking positive thoughts

● Enjoying a healthy body

It's not too hard and it's not too late. Even if it feels intimidating, do it anyway. Your journey to the radiant, confident, best version of you begins NOW.