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Marketing Yourself: How to Elevate your Personal Platform to the Next Level

by Caelan Huntress


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Marketing Yourself is how you build a personal platform. It's a noisy world. If you have something to say and something to sell, Marketing Yourself is what elevates you above the crowd. Your personal platform keeps you visible to your audience, clients, and customers. You can spend lots of time, and energy, and money on your marketing, and still be unknown beyond a small audience. But with a solid platform, you can gather a larger group of like-minded people around you. With the right systems in place, all you have to do is show up, share your message, and shine your light, and you can make a living from your message.

There are four cornerstones to the platforms of experts and entrepreneurs: Positioning, Profit, Strategy, and Systems. You need all four of these cornerstones to elevate to the next level. Moving from the Soapbox to the Showroom, from the Stage to the Stadium, requires a practical understanding of digital marketing and customer dynamics.

Caelan Huntress has helped thousands of people improve their income, influence, and impact as the Creative Director of Stellar Platforms. Filled with detailed case studies, brilliant storytelling, and creative frameworks that you can apply to your own business right away, Marketing Yourself is an inspirational handbook for anyone who wants to level up from obscurity to success.