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What Do You Feel When You See A Rainbow?

by Helen Maragos,Joe Figueroa


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How do colors make you feel ? This brilliantly illustrated, delightfully fun children's book dives into the colors of the rainbow, introducing young children to not only colors but the emotions, the FEELINGS of colors. Little ones learn to relate to the beauty and uniqueness of colors and how colors can define how they feel. "Yellow is a bright color! It is the color of the big, beautiful sun! Bananas, lemons, sunflowers, and bees are yellow. It may make you feel warm and excited." Teaching feelings to young children is imperative for their development. Also, validating their feelings and discussing them empowers children and teaches self-awareness . Making connections, enhancing vocabulary, and problem-solving are all areas in which children build their self-esteem. This concept has always been part of the author's philosophy, which birthed the idea of developing this book.
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