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Business Leadership and Community: Perspectives on Developing Your Business Community

by Jason Miller,Chris O'Byrne,Joel Phillips,Shelby Long,Otis McGregor,James Foo Torres,Michael Sipe


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This international bestselling book explores the valuable lessons of community and leadership that every new (and old) entrepreneur needs to learn. Community and business leadership go hand-in-hand, and no business lasts long without either one.

A successful business needs a supportive community. And communities are only as supportive as the leaders within that community.

This book shares the perspectives on community of several successful business leaders. Jason Miller, the principle author, is the leader who brings all of us other leaders together in one powerful community.

Plus, all the authors are directors of the Strategic Advisor Board (SAB) or are strategic partners of SAB. Jason is the founder and CEO of SAB and has gathered ten directors and a couple of hundred strategic partners, all of them powerful leaders and superb humans.

Here are the authors who share their expertise and experience with us:
Will Black
Amy Blain
James Foo Torres
Terry Foster
Mike Jackson
Alexia Kaz
Melanie Kossan
Shelby Jo Long
Otis McGregor
Mike Owens
Joel Phillips
Michael Sipe
Mike Steward

Buy this book and start learning how to build your business with community today.