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Unstuck (for women): Break Free From Self-Doubt and Stop Overthinking Using The Spiral Stopper Method To Take Control of Your Emotions, Build Confidence & Self Love

by Christy Holt


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Discover the path to happiness and empowerment with this transformative debut book by personal development & happiness expert, Christy Holt. Learn how The Spiral Stopper Method can help you break free from overthinking and overwhelm, guide you as you create the dream life you desire. Unlock your true potential and embrace a journey of self discovery with this empowering book & its more-than-a-journal companion, 'Unstuck for Women Daily Self Discovery Journal'!

Do you struggle with overthinking, negative thought patterns or overwhelming emotions? Are you sick and tired of seeing the same habits and patterns repeating in your life, yet unclear on how to actually stop perpetuating them? Maybe you’re just plain exhausted and burnt out from trying to be and do all of the things for everyone else and you still just don’t feel seen or supported.

With this practical and fun book as your guide, you will quickly learn how to develop a practical, personalized toolbox of strategies that activate your personal power so that you can finally get unstuck and overcome your overwhelm.

Key features:

  • A no-fluff resource to help you break free from living in survival mode, stop the spiral and take back control over your life
  • Gain an understanding of exactly how and why you’ve been stuck and why what you’ve tried before to get unstuck hasn’t worked
  • Tried and tested Spiral Stopper Method will help you to break free from negative self talk and overthinking
  • Uncover massive perspective shifts that will empower you to step into your power as a conscious creator, increase your confidence and lean into radical self-love
  • Learn practical strategies that are simple enough to be implemented TODAY so that you can start seeing results immediately and start experiencing life the way you were meant to
  • Free bonus materials available on the companion website

Unstuck (for women) is an essential read for anyone who desires to feel more in control of their thoughts and emotions so that they can finally create more of the life experiences and impact that their soul longs for.

Swap your current experience for a new, limitless reality! Happiness! Bliss! Peace! Success! Abundance! Your freedom and power await… Now it’s time to stop the spiral!