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Liminal : Between Life and Breath

by Ashley Castle Barnes


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Drawn from Ashley Castle Barnes’ Daily Bliss poems, Liminal: Between Life and Breath is a beautiful and bold literary experience that dares you to venture between worlds, opening the doorway to the unknown and shedding light on the profound transformation that lurks within discomfort. Written for the dreamer, the visionary, and the enigmatic individuals who live outside society’s bounds, these 365 verses help unlock a wealth of understanding, fuel the imagination, and create a new way of being that honors their truth.

Liminal encourages you to float with the waves of feelings that flood in when you embrace your identity outside the boxes of black-and-white living and welcome the sometimes-scary periods of uncertainty. In doing so, you will discover the wealth of experience that awaits beyond our familiar worlds, and bear witness to the magic and mystery awaiting those who wade into the dark and tumultuous depths of the unknown.

Liminal speaks to the heart and soul of anyone who has ever felt that they don’t belong, inviting them to define life on their own terms. Read from beginning to end, one section at a time, or flip open a page and trust that you’ll find what your soul craves.