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The Power to Rise Above: Stories of Overcoming

by Sandy Davies,Becky Paroz,Lesley Van Staveren,Karen Gibson,Lisa Cox,Jesand Amodo,Sally Bartlett,Tara Coyote,Donita Richards,Sarah Klaiber


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Editor Sandy Davies has gathered 30 women from around the globe to shine a light on the various ways in which life circumstances can destroy a person. These women also share how they found their own light, despite those circumstances, and have grown up to become powerful voices, best-selling authors, award winning leaders, and amazing healers for others in their community.
This book shows you the remarkable power to rise above any circumstance that is inherent within our spirit, if only we let ourselves rise.
When a woman pens a story that connects her to her deepest truth, she not only heals herself from any residual pain from her past to create her own bold new future but she also has the potential to right the wrongs done to generations before her.
These women from Australia, Nigeria, Micronesia, the Philippines, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Peru, the UK, Indonesia, the Hawaiian Islands, and the United States mainland prove your past lived experiences do not define you.
The authors of The Power to Rise Above take all our hurts and help us to heal, to rise as one. These incredible women rekindled their resilience as a reminder to each of us that no one can extinguish our fire, the inner light which burns deep within us, ultimately refusing to be silenced and finding joy.
The Power to Rise Above has a profound message: you are the creator of your destiny and you have the power to envision the life that was meant for you.

Contributors include Dr Tererai Trent, Sandy Davies, Becky Paroz, Tahlia Burchill OBrien, Lisa Cox, Jehzan Exclusive, Sally Bartlett, Dana Saulter, Donita Richards, Faith Agugu, Donna Ghoussain, Chelsey Cruz, Sandy Lowres, Nicola Mills, Jasmine Marshall, Lucy Cooper, Sarah Klaiber, Lana Vissers, Danielle Novytarger, Vanessa Atienza Hipolito, Tara Coyote, Melissa Griffiths, Deslynn Jaquias, Lesley Van Staveren, Ally Kelly, Annette Densham, Elizabeth Grace, Susan Jarvis, Sandy Soerjadhi, Karen Gibson, Rena Scott, and Laura Peña.