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REAL ESTATE FORECLOSURE TAILS — A Day in the Life of a REO Broker: Educational Entertaining True Stories from Default Industry Real Estate Leaders

by Kristen Conti,Lana Cook Detro,Alyson Silverman,Kimberly Brunson,Tammy Seymour,Jennifer Patnode,Louis Fontaine,Brandy Nelson


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As a group of practicing REO Brokers, we had a shared vision to collaborate on the creation of this book. To educate and entertain simultaneously by demystifying the many questions people have about the buying and selling of REO properties.
Our target audience is very diverse. First, we wanted to give potential buyers, including end-users and investors, some perspective on the process. There are many misconceptions out there about the bank’s intentions when they list these properties. It is our job as the representatives of our clients and as their boots on the ground to be a knowledgeable resource for them.

If we had a dollar for every person who told us what the bank should do and what they think of the condition of a property, or the value, or the process, every author in this book would already be retired. I don’t believe any of us would tell the story of a buyer coming to us to purchase one of our assets that said, “I’d like to buy your listing for fair market value and provide you with all you need to accomplish this in a timeline that works for the seller.” But that sure would be music to our ears.

The skills required for those of us who have chosen distressed property sales as a specialty are the highest in the industry. Humility and a true desire to be part of the solution for our clients are the most important. It is this that will keep us focused on our goals and allow us to sleep at night after navigating complex transactions.

Second, would be our asset managers and clients whom we are privileged to serve. We know they have so many choices when selecting the right agents to manage their portfolios. We, as members of Default Industry Leaders, take great pride in the quality and experience of our members. The purpose of our group is to support other REO brokers, to open the doors to newer agents who may wish to break into this segment of the market but have been denied access, and to market ourselves effectively to potential clients and the buying public.

Lastly, we also want to be viewed as people who have the whole package and the personalities that work best to serve this unique part of the real estate market. We want to educate in an entertaining way without ever disparaging a property or a client. Our desire is to be cooperative and helpful to all the other Realtors out there who bring us their buyers and may need some guidance with the sales process.

Default Industry Leaders Authors in order of chapters:

Kristen Conti
Lana Cook Detro
Alyson Silverman
Kimberly Brunson
Tammy Seymour
Jennifer Patnode
Louis Fontaine
Brandy Nelson

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Default Industry Leaders is a non-profit organization. Any proceeds from this book will be donated to charitable causes.

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