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Uninvited: A spicy secret identity forbidden romance (All Over You Book 2)

by Jillian MacGregor


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Temptation shouldn't be this hot.

Eleanor "Elle" Roberts is having an identity crisis. She has been working in politics her whole life, thanks to her father and his aspirations for both of them. He arranged for her to marry another child of politics, the Vice President's son Mason Davis. Mason and Elle have been betrothed since toddlerhood, and it has never bothered her as it was good for her career.

That is until Silas Browning enters her life.

Using the alias "Len," Elle agrees to help out her friend Connor with his new band. The only one who knows her real identity is Connor and his girlfriend Mish. While on the road with Connor's band, "Len" meets Silas, the band's temporary manager and the attraction is instant. Len has made it clear from day one that what they have can't be more than a fling and that she is betrothed to another man. When Silas figures out Len's identity and to whom she is engaged, he makes it his mission to get her to choose him over Mason.

But with her career and entire identity wrapped up in her political endeavors, Elle plans to marry Mason regardless. She gives Silas the summer.

But how do you return to a normal life when you've had your socks (and panties!) knocked off by someone else?

(Note: Uninvited includes content that may not be suitable for readers under 18. If you have triggers, please check my website for specifics.)