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5x5 To Thrive: Get More Money + Joy In Changing Times

by Rik Schnabel


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5x5 To Thrive is a systemised way to improve your productivity. Discover how to get more done, make more money and deliver more joy to your life.

Want to master your time? Use your
5x5 To Thrive within ‘Triple 8 Time’ to bring order to chaos. Plus harness your ‘Key Drivers’ within your ‘Power Time’ and you become unstoppable. If you think this book gives you more than an improvement in throughput, you’re right. It’s much more. 5x5 To Thrive is a paradigm shift. It gives you new ways to think about time that will have you increase your value, and then your productivity - and so your income.

Since Covid-19, times have changed and so the rules for business and life have changed too. Never has there been a period of time in this century when being productive is more valued and more important than now.

5x5 To Thrive is not a mere time management book. It's how to give back to you. 5x5 To Thrive is a book that will shift your paradigm of time and liberate you – for good.