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Cancer Set Me Free: Turning crisis into calm to survive anything

by Glenn Sturm


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Cancer Set Me Free by Glenn Sturm takes you on a vicarious journey through a life of wealth, stealth, abundance, privilege, power, and other curses. To whom much is given, much is expected, but sometimes, those who give abundantly of time and resources do not necessarily receive an easy ride from the universal forces. If you can end this book with a new way of looking at your own life at a time that can benefit you, you have won, and the author has achieved his goal. For anyone who has been diagnosed with a life-threatening prognosis, this book can be a north star to guide you through best practices, emotional rollercoastering, fear, and the burden of the unknown. Fourteen years in the making, Glenn Sturm shares from his heart and soul as his venture into the abyss begins and the reality of mortality starts to sink in.