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Sweet Delusions: A Standalone Spicy Romance (Stuck With You)

by Bea Miller


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Love is a slippery road to ruin.
And she won’t slip again.

When up-and-coming lawyer Cassandra Leigh dragged a handsome stranger into a storage room at her favorite club, all she wanted was to blow off some steam.

She never expected to see him again.
Especially not in her office, sporting a charming grin and an offer she could not refuse.

As they spend more time together, James proves to be patient, kind, and incredibly skilled in the bedroom.
Cassandra is almost tempted to let him in.

But when her abusive ex-boyfriend hunts her down, his sudden reappearance sends her into a tailspin that threatens to destroy her career, her friendships, and her burgeoning relationship.

Will Cassandra let her fears dictate her future, or will she lower her guard and learn to trust again?