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Shame Off Me: Confronting Childhood Trauma to Heal Mind, Body, and Spirit

by MyChana Burton


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Shame Off Me is a walk through the author’s journey to healing decades after multiple years of childhood sexual trauma. The author shares her experience and some of the insights she has gained over the years since the trauma, which prompted her to research trauma to better understand herself and what others like her have experienced. This is a passion project; its intention is to shine a light on the shame childhood sexual trauma causes its victims to carry from surviving that abuse.

Shame Off Me you will learn:

• The best place from which to start confronting your childhood trauma
• The differences between self-care and soul care and how to best use both methods
• Exercises, tips, and techniques you can use to get to the other side of the healing process

Like many people like her, MyChana has carried these experiences in the deepest parts of her mind and soul. In
Shame Off Me, she is vulnerable, open, and honest about the hard stuff only someone who has walked in those shoes can share. If you ask her, she will tell you that the road is long and not for the faint at heart, but if she had known what this side of healing felt like, she would have started the journey many years sooner.