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17 Spatulas and the Man Who Fried an Egg: Reclaim Your Space Mentally and Physically

by Lisa Geraci Rigoni


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Are you ready for a surprise?

This book is about something other than cooking, so you will not learn a new way to prepare vegetables for dinner. Instead, you will uncover your root causes of why you hold onto stuff.

Spoiler Alert: It isn't because you are lazy.

Certified through The National Association of Senior and Specialty Move Managers (NASMM), professional organizer Lisa Geraci Rigoni explores our relationship with our stuff, dipping below the surface of a how-to book about organizing.

Lisa reveals that "the stuff (you make up) about your stuff (physical clutter) is not about your stuff."

With stories from almost two decades of guiding clients and five decades of personal development, Lisa hopes to inspire and motivate you. If you have organizational challenges, Lisa's insights will help you to resolve mental disruption caused by the physical objects you can see and what you cannot see - yet.

Invest in yourself!

Reading this book will transform your life, allowing you to reclaim your space mentally and physically. Glinda, the Good Witch, tells Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz,
"You have always had the power, my dear. You just had to learn it for yourself."

"Through engaging stories and highly relatable experiences, Lisa Geraci Rigoni helps us identify the connection we make between mental and physical well-being and why we hold on to too much stuff If you find yourself challenged by a house full of stuff and desire a change, let Lisa guide you on an inner journey to transform your outer life."
-Joshua Becker, # 1 Vall Street Journal Bestselling Author of The Minimalist Home

"I found myself relating to stories Lisa eloquently shares in her book. When did 'things' that grace the bookshelves and closets of my home become stuff? It's time to take a journey of releasing!"
-Becky Norwood, Spotlight Publishing House