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Marketing Launchpad: The ultimate, no-fluff marketing book for women in business

by Racquel Collard


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“There are resources out there that can be very vital in reshaping and recharging our businesses through marketing. One such resource is the book Marketing Launchpad by Racquel Collard.” – 5 Stars OnlineBookClub Review by Jane Omollo

“Marketing Launchpad is a book that every businesswoman who wants to be successful should read and study. Racquel Collard offers sound advice that will help even the most inexperienced readers understand the importance of marketing in their business and how to take advantage of it.” – 5 Stars Readers’ Favourite Review by Astrid Iustulin

Are you tired of throwing money at marketing that doesn’t work? Or are you confused about where to start with your marketing?

Marketing Launchpad is a must-have for any women who wants to transform her business from struggling to thriving through the power of strategic marketing.

Written with a focus on the unique needs of women in business, the easy-to-follow processes in
Marketing Launchpad gives you everything you need to build a business that delivers the income and lifestyle you want.

In this ‘no-fluff’ book you’ll discover how to:
  • Create your own, unique Marketing Launchpad and uniquely ‘you’ Strategic Plan
  • Gain greater clarity of your niche, your offer, and your messaging
  • Attract your ideal client through strategic content without coming across as pushy or “salesy”
  • Stop wasting money and energy on marketing that doesn’t work so you can spend more time doing what you love
Marketing Launchpad is your ultimate fluff-free, step-by-step guide to map out your marketing strategy for every woman in business. Take your business to where you want it to be. Your way.

Marketing Launchpadis the book every woman in business should have on her shelf.

“This guidebook contains an in-depth overview of the strategies and tools you need to find your business niche, ideal clients, and products that align with your personal goals to lead you to success. Racquel Collard uses engaging questionnaires and worksheets in each chapter to ensure we grasp the book's contents and find it helpful. It doesn't matter whether you're a newbie or an experienced businesswoman; it will help you get what you want and teach you to take your business to another level.” .” – 5 Stars Readers’ Favourite Review by Pikasho Deka