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Your Blueprint For Success

by John Chuback


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Dr. John Chuback is a Board-Certified cardiovascular surgeon who has committed his life to personal development. His successful quest to become a heart surgeon was long and arduous. As a result of that magnificent educational process, he developed a passion for expressing the extraordinary potential we all possess. The doctor believes that we are all born with profound reservoirs of ability, genius, and excellence. In
Your Blueprint for Success, Dr. Chuback shares a vocabulary upon which you will build a life of great achievement, freedom, and happiness.

Besides the definition of each word and his personal essays on how the successful individual utilizes these ideas in their day-to-day life, this extraordinary book also provides motivational quotations from exceptional figures throughout history that serve as guideposts to your personal journey of greatness.

Finally, each section is followed by an exercise, which he strongly advises you complete with enthusiasm and discipline. Partaking in this process will take you to the next level. In completing all five sections of this book, you will author the novel of your ideal life. Study this book again and again. Read the words again and again. Do the exercises again and again; and then, transmute them into the physical realm. Make them your reality. Live your story. This is a guaranteed process for success and achievement. Enjoy the journey and the results.