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Cracking the Resistance Code: How to Break Through Fear of Uncertainty and Write Your Book

by Dawn Montefusco


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Writers who don't write put themselves in a form of self-imposed mental imprisonment that must be unlocked to live a fulfilling life.

This book will help guide you through conquering fear, resistance, and uncertainty so that nothing can stand in the way of bringing your greatest writing projects to life.

Join Dawn Montefusco, MFA on a thrilling journey to decipher your unique patterns of mental roadblocks preventing success. She has tailored techniques and practices to address long-held resistance, anxiety, and stress - all so you can unlock powerful creative potential within yourself! Get ready for a dramatic transformation as Dawn puts her expertise into action with these tried-and-true methods.

You'll discover:

  • How to identify your resistance styles and what triggers them
  • Techniques to keep you writing instead of second-guessing yourself
  • How to successfully overcome overwhelm, anxiety, and the fear of "writing it wrong"
  • What it takes to tap into "flow" and inspire your inner muse
  • Dramatically increase your writing productivity and output
  • Why embracing uncertainty is the key to being an unstoppable writer