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Business Tips From the Trenches: Expert Advice to Start Your Small Business or Side Hustle

by Ira Bowman,Joel Phillips,Janet Hogan,Andrea Renee Rivera,Tonia Stoney,Will Kralovec,Danila Palmieri,Tia Cristy,Tonya Baynes,Shawn Huber


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Do you want to learn how to make money faster by minimizing mistakes and reducing your learning curve?

Read what twelve business owners share via their bite-size tips and lessons learned.

This is the book every new small business owner should read. Why? Because there are twelve different authors, fellow entrepreneurs, and small business owners who share three tips and a lesson learned, chock-full of tips and methods to help people just starting on the journey for themselves get where they want to go faster with fewer headaches.

Tips shared include:
• Make personal development your friend
• Being an introvert has its benefits
• Seize the day and the week by mastering your calendar
• Run your business like your ministry: embracing your true self in business
• From distraction to focus: the power of now
• Invest in yourself-the power of professional development and building intentional relationships
• Consistency is key
• Be selective when building relationships; ask yourself: will I still like you in ten years?
• Learn how to stay up to speed on tech trends
• Focus or fail
• Trust your gut and vet before you go
• Believe in yourself
• Finding the right team
• Be yourself
• If you spend all your time working in your business, you won't have time to build it
• Being obscure is bad; you should not ignore marketing and SEO
• Schedule time for life including time for your family, date your significant other, exercise, sleep, and to read
• Fall in love with automation and outsourcing, it's a form of business self-care
• Make money first and fast
• Your digital footprint matters more than you know
• Dream big and keep your feet on the ground

You can get where you want to be-a success-by reading and then incorporating these lessons. Your business will be better for it, and you'll likely find higher profits, faster, with fewer headaches by following the advice shared by these seasoned business owners in each chapter.

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