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The 6% Life: 7 Strategies That Successful Entrepreneurs Use to Reengineer Their Life to Consistently Pay Less Than 6% in Taxes

by Shauna A. Wekherlien CPA


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The 6% Life is a way for business owners and entrepreneurs to reduce their taxes to pay 6% or less every year by using the same strategies, tactics, and day-to-day financial changes that Shauna cultivated over her last 25 years in becoming a leader in the art of tax reduction, ranked in the Top 1% in the USA.

This book guides you on the top seven tax strategies, how to use them (implementation ideas), and how to stay out of jail (trap warnings!) that Shauna uses daily to help 6-, 7-, and 8-figure business owners and entrepreneurs legally keep their money in their own pockets (instead of the governments!) – $1 Billion in savings and counting!

Join us as Shauna spills the top-secret strategies that the wealthy have been using for years – how to live The 6% Life, and how you can achieve it too!