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Martial Arts Extraordinaire Magazine: Issue 07

by Jessie Bowen


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There have been many martial artists throughout history, but only a select few leave a lasting legacy. Michael DePasquale, Jr. is one of those individuals. This edition is dedicated to his memory, with special tribute articles written by Cynthia Rothrock, Alan Goldberg, and Randy Robinson. These articles highlight his impact on the martial arts community and their personal lives.

In this issue of the magazine, you will also gain insight into the American Martial Arts Alliance Foundation's online metaverse museum. It is dedicated to preserving the life stories and legacies of martial artists who have been featured in The Who's Who in the Martial Arts biography book series. Additionally, you will discover how Elite Publications plans to donate $5,000 to the Cynthia Rothrock College Scholarship Fund for female martial artists participating in sport karate.

The Martial Arts Extraordinaire Magazine is a valuable resource for both martial artists and non-practitioners. The articles and resources focus on appreciating the past, present, and future of the martial arts community.