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Turning Intuition Into Science: Harnessing the Power of Organizational Network Analysis

by Deborah Peck


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Do you have people issues within your organization that never seem to improve, no matter how you address them?

Maybe you know or have a sense of who is involved, what is happening, and even have an idea of how to resolve it. Organizational Network Analysis (ONA) helps you identify what is
really happening and offers effective strategies for overcoming it. The people within your organization are speaking to you through their behavior, how they work with others, and what they naturally offer to your organization.

Turning Intuition Into Science, Deborah Peck will demonstrate to you how ONA can:
  • Help you diagnose the right issues at the heart of your people issues.
  • Give you a visual understanding and supporting metrics that confirm the analysis.
  • “Turn your intuition into science” by confirming it or finding other information to determine how work is really getting done, what is happening in the workplace, and its impact on the organization’s goals, objectives, or overall effectiveness.

Turning Intuition Into Science provides you with the tools and information needed to start tackling those seemingly perennial problems. Wouldn’t you like to increase retention, engagement, productivity, communication, collaboration, and customer satisfaction to improve overall organizational effectiveness using solutions that stick? Find out how ONA can transform how your organization solves issues for the better!