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Running The Bases In The 6th, 7th, & 8th Innings Of Your Life: A Memoir with a Message About Life and Love in the Aging Season

by Dr Alan Stuart Markoff


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This is a real-life accounting of the "aging season" of one's life journey. It is also about remaining healthy during these years especially if one has a nutritional plan, and an exercise protocol, that is age-appropriate, and both of these important factors are accompanied by a hefty segment of love!
Additionally, it is about creating adventure and excitement in a multitude of aging plans so that the reader can discover their own pathway to a healthy "aging season!"
This does not have to be a period in one's life when each day is all about juggling doctor visits! And it should not become a time when one spends one's days at the closest park with the ducks! They, the ducks, enjoy the company and the nutritional "fix", but what do you get out of this?
It is a time when your work cycle is in your rear-view mirror, and it is time for travel, adventure, creativity, companionship, and love!
Think of an equilateral triangle (three equal sides) representing nutrition, exercise, and love!
Finally, do not minimize the importance of a late-in-life romantic relationship! It is the "magic" medicine to pour into your IV!