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Building a Dream: The Persimmon Ridge Story

by Lawren Just


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What would it take for you to make your dreams a reality?

Most people have a vision of what they would like to do in their life or what they would like to be. For many, the reality is that we become what our circumstances allow, whether because of upbringing, schooling, life situations, or needing to earn a living. Few get to pursue their “dream” life, and sometimes those same life circumstances dictate that pursuit.

Building a Dream: The Persimmon Ridge Story shows you that a pursuit of a dream is often not the “easy road” to take. Ultimately, though, if it is what your heart desires, the pursuit becomes your life. This book tells the story of the pursuit of a dream. In reading it, you will learn:
  • Going after a dream takes full dedication to it
  • Family and friends provide critical support and must understand the pursuit
  • Finances can sometimes present an issue
  • Risk is probable and must be accepted
  • Faith in yourself and those working with you is paramount

Building a Dream shares all of the above and helps you to understand the pursuit is only half the challenge—the reality is the prize. Pursue your dreams!