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The Champions Network: A Blueprint to Expand Your Influence and Spread Big Ideas in Any Organization

by Matt Silverman


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We all have BIG IDEAS: best practices, transformative programs, innovative initiatives, and ways to improve our company culture and productivity. If you could influence others to adopt these, would it make your job easier and help to accomplish your professional goals? Would it provide a benefit to your organization, community, or society?

The Champions Network will help you leverage your existing network of colleagues and connections to build a larger network that spreads and supports your BIG IDEAS.

This book analyzes why champions networks are an optimal way to expand your influence and provides a six-step blueprint that shows you how to:
  • Gain support and buy-in from leadership.
  • Create an organized and efficient network structure.
  • Recruit and train the right champions.
  • Promote the network across your organization.
  • Implement the network and make necessary adjustments.
  • Develop metrics that demonstrate network success.
Whether you’re in compliance and ethics, sustainability, health and wellness, human resources, or any other profession, if you are looking to expand your influence and spread BIG IDEAS, this book will help you build a champions network that’s right for you and your organization.