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There's No Standing Still: How to Grow a Profitable Dental Practice Focusing on You, Your People and Your Patients

by Dr. Sean Mohtashami


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Unlock the secrets to successful dental practice management with"There's No Standing Still."

This comprehensive guide offers insights into how to build a profitable, meaningful practice while transforming lives daily. Written by Dr. Sean Mohtashami, a renowned mentor and lecturer in the dental profession, readers will learn life-changing strategies for mastering the art of practice ownership, leading with influence, and finding a healthy balance between success and quality of life.

With this book, you will:
  • Benefit from Dr. Sean's three decades of experience and mentorship, giving you the tools to confidently navigate the realm of practice ownership
  • Develop a powerful purpose that goes beyond making money and discover how to weather storms of tough times
  • Learn how to create an environment of trust, credibility, and influence that will motivate, inspire, and empower your team
  • Discover the art of patient care and strategies for achieving excellence and personal growth
  • Gain insights from respected experts in the field
Get your copy of "There's No Standing Still" and master the art of practice ownership today!

As a dentist and a dedicated professional committed to supporting fellow dental practitioners, this book serves as compelling evidence that the realm of practice ownership encompasses far more than the teachings of dental school. It’s a valuable resource for anyone in the field.
Dr. Len Tau, Founder, Tau Dental Consulting, Host of The Raving Patients Podcast

As someone who has had the privilege of being mentored by Dr. Sean for the past three years, I can confidently say that his book is a game-changer for dental professionals. Dr. Sean’s guidance and expertise have transformed not only my own practice but also the way I approach patient care and leadership in dentistry. This book is a true reflection of his wisdom, passion, and dedication to helping others succeed, and I am grateful for the insights and strategies it offers. If you are looking for a mentor in the dental profession, I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Sean’s book as a roadmap to achieving personal and professional growth as you envision it!
Alex D. Lopez, DDS Periodontist

As an oral surgeon and practice owner, I understand the allure of growth, while also recognizing the necessity of establishing systems and honing soft skills to translate that ambition into reality. Dr. Sean’s book is essential reading for those seeking expansion while preserving their quality of life.
Daniel Yang DDS, MD

“There’s No Standing Still,” is a valuable resource for dentists seeking to improve their professional journey. Chapters 5 and 6, authored by respected coach and lecturer Julieanne O’Connor, delve into achieving success while maintaining a quality life and the power of influence, emphasizing trust and credibility. This book provides essential insights for dentists aiming to excel in their practice and personal development.
Michael Keeter, Director of Business Development, Avadent, 16+ Years in Dentistry, Connection Strategist