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High-er Help: How Businesses Use Experts to Shortcut Growth, Improvement & Capacity

by Brandy Lawson MBA


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High-er Help is an insightful and comprehensive guide to harnessing the experience and expertise of others to scale a business while keeping your sanity. To truly harness the potential of a business, you can't do it alone. Many business owners aren’t even aware of the scope of possibilities to use experts to make running a business a more enjoyable experience.

Scaling a business isn’t just about getting the production or delivery right, it is about reaching the right people and delivering your unique genius in a way that they can integrate into their lives. This is where the expertise of others come into play, serving as a force multiplier that allows you to harness your genius to its maximum potential.

By leveraging the skills of experts, you're not just extending your reach—you're also saving your time and energy, allowing you to be present and engaged in every aspect of your life. This book will show you how.