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Empowering Women to Succeed: Leaders with Impact

by Randi Goodman


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To be a leader requires you to be your best self. True leaders know how to give of themselves while still maintaining balance in their own lives. They see the potential in others and do what they can to bring it to life.

In Leaders With Impact, you will read stories of women who have had to overcome many obstacles so that the world could see them as the leaders that they are. Each woman has shared her story in the hopes that it will help you to become the leader that you are meant to be.

These stories will show you the courage, strength, resilience, and wisdom that these women had to have in order to conquer incredible obstacles, then on the other side, to help others to do the same.

This book will encourage, inspire, and motivate you to do what you thought is impossible. Be ready to start a journey into becoming the leader you know you are inside, and making your impact on the world!!!

Alice Graham • Allie St. John • Angel McCullough Cheryl Ivaniski • Dorothy Wright • Franca Sparapani • Hailey Patry Mary Ann Drazenovich • Randi Goodman • Shandrika McDowell