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Hello, Caribbean!: A Children's Picture Book Travel Cruise Adventure for Kids Ages 4-8 (Sophie & Stephie: The Travel Sisters 3)

by Ekaterina Otiko,José Gascón


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Celebrated for its vibrant cultural tapestry, "Hello, Caribbean!" captured the Children's Book International Award in Multicultural honors and was a finalist in both the National Indie Excellence Awards and the Maxy Awards.

Embark on an enchanting Caribbean adventure with "Hello, Caribbean!: A Children's Picture Book Travel Cruise Adventure for Kids Ages 4-8." This fun sailing journey features the delightful Travel Sisters, Sophie and Stephie, and is tailored for young explorers eager to discover the wonders of the Caribbean.

Discover the magic of a pink dolphin quest that's more than just a story – it's a gateway to nurturing a love for travel and adventure in your child. With every turn of the page, your child will not only be entertained but also gain an appreciation for different cultures and the beauty of the Caribbean. This book, backed by the vivid illustrations of José Gascón and the authentic storytelling of Ekaterina Otiko, offers a proven and engaging experience for young readers.

The benefits of this journey are manifold:

  • Ignite your child's imagination with a captivating story, encouraging a lifelong passion for reading.
  • Introduce your child to diverse cultures, fostering an early appreciation for the rich traditions of the Caribbean.
  • Provide a safe and exciting travel adventure right from the comfort of your home.

Featuring certified high-quality illustrations and a story that's been tested and loved by children worldwide, "Hello, Caribbean!" is an unconditional must-have for your child's bookshelf.

Don't miss this opportunity to set sail on an adventure with Sophie and Stephie. Secure your copy today and watch your child's imagination sail away to the Caribbean!