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Cracking The Rich Code (Vol. 11)

by Jim Britt


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This book offers powerful, thought-provoking entrepreneurial insights, stories, and strategies from Jim Britt, Kevin Harrington, and a diverse line up of 21 coauthors from around the world. Chances are, this book contains exactly what you need to excel your business and your life into the top 5% in your category world-wide. Created by top peak-performance expert Jim Britt and Kevin Harrington from the hit TV show Shark Tank and 20 empowering entrepreneurs and their stories: Jim Britt, Kevin Harrington, Laura DeLong, Mike Van Pelt, David Kincaid, Lori L. Bruton, Dan Gilman, Thomas Gay, Allen Costellow, BeNeca Ward, Lara Augusta, Camella McIntosh, Luc Cardinal, Dr. Kerry Turnbow, Shekhar Srinivasan, Dr Mindy Gewirtz, Sue Kostyk, Albino Sanchez, Kohila Sivas, Letty Gutierrez-Bujak, Dorease Rioux, Sara Centanni, and John Verrico