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The St. Valentine’s Situation: A Pinewood Corners Sweet Romance

by Carol Babineaux


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Return to Pinewood Corners for the annual Sweetheart Soiree Festival with romance, mystery and adventure!

In the quaint town of Pinewood Corners, where the library shelves hold stories of the past, librarian Lacey dreams of a life filled with romance and adventure. However, she must learn to trust her heart and believe in herself in her journey to finding love. Enter Martin Weaver, the charismatic archaeologist, author, and treasure hunter, who also happens to be the youngest son of the town's sheriff.

As the annual Sweetheart Soiree festival and Cupid's Ball approach, love is in the air, and Pinewood Corners buzzes with anticipation. Lacey and Martin find themselves drawn together amidst the festive atmosphere. Yet, their connection goes beyond the enchantment of the Sweetheart Soiree, as they embark on a quest to unravel the mysteries that shroud the town's history before Martin’s next assignment takes him out of the country.

A compelling mystery unfolds as Lacey and Martin set out to discover the truth behind the legends of the vanished wife of Pinewood Corners' founder. Along the way, they uncover clues leading to a missing ruby necklace, unveiling secrets buried for generations. As the puzzle pieces fall into place, Lacey and Martin find themselves entangled not only in a historical mystery and a race to find a buried treasure, but also in the tendrils of a budding romance.

Will Lacey find the courage to open her heart before a job pulls Martin away? Can they solve the riddle of the town's historical legends, bringing closure to lingering mysteries? Join Lacey and Martin on a journey through Pinewood Corners, where love, adventure, and the pursuit of the truth come together in The St. Valentine's Situation.