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The Art Of Connection: 365 Days of Gratitude Quotes by Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, and Influencers

by Robert W Jones,Dawna Campbell


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Discover a new way to appreciate the beauty of business, life, and the power of connection with the fourth installment of the Art of Connection book series, 365 Days of Gratitude Quotes. This book will provide readers with a unique perspective on how to find joy and gratitude in everyday life. Readers will benefit from the inspiring quotes that will bring more meaning and purpose to their days and the thought-provoking questions that will help bring more clarity and understanding to their lives.

With this book, readers will learn to:
  • Find belonging, joy and appreciation in everyday life
  • Experience more meaningful connections with others
  • Live a life of abundance and gratitude
  • Be a part of a heart-centered like-minded community
  • Become an inspirational leader to others

Inside the book, readers will find 365 days of inspiring quotes, thought-provoking questions, and powerful stories that will help them discover their true purpose and how to live a life of passion and gratitude. They will also be able to gain insight into their life and relationships and learn how to create meaningful connections with others. Buy now before the price changes and start your journey of appreciation and connection!